Eddie Hearn: All I Can Think About Is Boxing

Promoter Eddie Hearn has offered a rare insight into what the sport of boxing does for those who work in it as a profession, whether they be promoters, managers, media or others. Everyone bitten by the boxing bug find it hard to ever let go of it in reality.

There’s just something about the sport of boxing that’s different to any other sport.

There’s a real romance attached to it and fans of boxing are probably the most passionate, intense sports fans you’ll ever come across.

You only have to look at the debates on Twitter to see it.

From a media perspective in my own life working in boxing is a daily thing through birthdays, Christmas, holidays, whatever, 365 days a year.

More a way of life than a job at this stage.

A life long passion that started out as a hobby for me in the beginning, that turned into a job and now is one of the biggest boxing sites in the world today.

But nothing’s really changed when I think about it. Nothing at all.

It’s still the same great sport that I’ve always loved.

Speaking to Fight Hype, promoter Eddie Hearn who is undertaking a new billion dollar boxing venture with DAZN in the US boxing world has let his guard down and offered a rare insight into the addiction of boxing for those who are obsessed with it and live and breathe it every single day:

“There’s something about the sport of boxing that just grabs you and don’t leave you go.”

He added:

“It’s definitely changed my life. I’m obviously incredibly busy but I probably have a shorter temper, a shorter attention span than before because all I can think about it boxing.”

Good to see one of the most influential people in the sport is a genuine boxing nut.

The old saying really is true – you genuinely have to love what you do, whatever it is, to be successful.

Family, friends and personal life often take a back seat in this crazy boxing game. No doubt about it.

Boxing, the ultimate drug for those intoxicated by it.

A world without boxing is not a world this writer would like to be a part of. Long may the success the sport is enjoying at the moment continue.

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