Manny Pacquiao’s Best Friend Surprised A Lot Of People In The Matthysse Fight

Manny Pacquiao's Best Friend Surprised A Lot Of People In The Matthysse Fight

Many fight fans might not know the name Buboy Fernandez but to Manny Pacquiao he has been a life long friend and a constant rock in his professional boxing career.

Fernandez has been a friend of Pacquiao ever since they grew up together in the Philippines with Pacquiao famously one day deciding to take him on his boxing adventure when he made the decision to become a professional fighter.

Fernandez never left since.

He’s the only man that’s actually been in the corner of every single Pacquiao professional fight and up until recently, was the assistant trainer to the ‘Pacman’.

That changed before the Lucas Matthysse fight when Pacquiao put him in as head coach with Freddie Roach stepping out of the fold for the time being.

Many thought that this was an unwise move from Pacquiao to remove such a famed and experienced coach as Roach and put in his lifelong friend instead.

But that didn’t turn out to be the case. Far from it.

While Pacquiao won deserving plaudits for the victory Buboy has to receive some praise too.

Mainly for getting Pacquiao in the shape he did as well as putting together the fight strategy that he did on the night.

The bout clearly meant the world to him.

In fact, after Pacquiao’s first stoppage win in over nine years Buboy burst into tears following the win over Matthysse in Malaysia:

Fernandez could very well have earned his place as head coach in the Pacquiao corner for the remainder of Manny’s career following the win.

Currently Pacquiao is understood to be weighing up different offers for his next fight from different promoters with a return expected on December 2nd.