Fury Slams Wilder’s Bizarre Threat To Dominic Breazeale’s Young Son

Tyson Fury Confirms Deontay Wilder Date and Venue Announcement Imminent

Tyson Fury has stepped in today as trash talk in the heavyweight division by anyone’s standard’s, even in a sport as twisted as boxing often is, surely went too far.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s name was brought up in the media this week by contender Dominic Breazeale who alleged that Wilder jumped him last year in a hotel lobby with multiple friends in front of his wife and kids.

He also alleges that Wilder shouted profanities at his wife and kids at the time.

Breazeale is actually mandatory contender for Wilder’s WBC belt at the moment but may have to wait a while if Wilder lands the Tyson Fury fight later this year and the Anthony Joshua fight next year.

Wilder responded to Breazeale’s comments with a threat that if they do fight, he wants to bring Breazeale’s young son on stage to do the following:

Promotion-wise, it’s clear to me that Wilder wants to play the bad guy role, similar to how Mayweather did years ago in terms of making people hate him so bad that they’ll buy his fights to watch him lose.

But that said, even Mayweather or other put on bad guy characters in boxing never brought up people’s kids.

Fury, who returns to action next week in Belfast against Francesco Pianeta and should he win, likely will fight Wilder in November or December, responded to Wilder’s over the top remarks with:

While Wilder seems like a good guy outside the ring and a highly entertaining fighter inside of it, bringing someone’s kids into a boxing match is over the edge.

Plain and simple.