Pacquiao Explains Why He Supports Death Penalty

World boxing champion and Senator in his home country, Manny Pacquiao, has caused a stir with his latest political stance this week.

Pacquiao recently recorded an impressive stoppage win over Lucas Matthysse in Malaysia.

But it’s back to political duties for the boxer for now until he awaits to find out who he will fight next and indeed who his new promoter might be.

Speaking to a group of reporters in his home country of the Philippines where Pacquiao is a Senator, the boxing icon made some controversial comments pertaining to his support of capital punishment and the death penalty:

“You can read in the Bible that the authority, meaning the authority is the government, that the authority has given power to impose death penalty, to impose death penalty and the authority is established by God and is the duty by God.”

He continued:

“Roman 13 1-7, God gives the authority to impose the death penalty to those who commit heinous crimes. So meaning, even in our constitution, the death penalty should not be used except for compelling reasons and only to those who commit the most heinous crimes.”

Earlier this week is was widely reported that Pacquiao is due back to the boxing ring on December 2nd against an opponent to be confirmed.