Boxing Presenter Reveals Horrific Extent Of Online Abuse She Received

Sky Sports boxing presenter in the UK Anna Woolhouse has been working for Sky for sometime but very recently she received arguably some of the worst online abuse ever heard in boxing circles.

Trolls unfortunately come part and parcel of the internet.

The web is an overall great place and particularly really useful in a sport such as boxing, in terms of letting the fighters speak directly to the fans, but every now and then you’re always going to get one or two idiots.

Such is life unfortunately.

However this week Anna Woolhouse has spoken out at the completely unacceptable level of some abuse she received recently that attacked her both personally and her family, as well as wishing her dead.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV she opened up on the exact nature of the abuse:

Genuinely disgusting stuff there.

Fair play to her for speaking out and hopefully the coward who targeted her is hunted down and brought to swift justice.

While banter back and forth and even harsh criticism is prevalent in a sport like boxing, a sport which evokes so much passion in fans from different countries, the above is clearly the work of a sick, sad individual.

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