Anthony Joshua Breaks His Silence On Camera About The Deontay Wilder Fight

Anthony Joshua has largely remained quiet in recent weeks other than a sarcastic tweet to Deontay Wilder, instead leaving Wilder do most of the talking in public. Today’s he’s gone on camera for the first time in quite some time about the subject and has been very clear in his position.

Some very positive news from Joshua has emerged today as he let the world’s media know in New York that he has put to bed issues that Wilder and his team had with the fight contract, at least in his opinion.

Speaking directly to Wilder on camera, Joshua said live on Sky Sports:

“I’ve secured the date, the location. I’ve listened to all the issues that they had in the contract and I’ve gotten rid of them and I’ve added all the good points. My side has been signed. So all we need to do is wait for Wilder’s ink to dry and then the fight is locked in. I don’t need to wait another two or three months hearing about issues. I’ve been dealing with that the last few months. We’re here now. I’ve signed my side. All I need to do is get Wilder to sign his side and the fight is locked in and it’s official.”

The date that Anthony Joshua mentions above refers to April 13th of next year at Wembley stadium.

Next move is Deontay Wilder’s it would appear.

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