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Timothy Bradley Reacts To Pacquiao Win Over Matthysse

Timothy Bradley Reacts To Pacquiao Win Over Matthysse

Pacquiao’s old rival Tim Bradley was on hand in the commentary for ESPN last night during the Lucas Matthysse fight and gave an interesting post-fight analysis.

Bradley other than Juan Manuel Marquez perhaps knows Pacquiao’s fight style better than any other boxer out there, having like Marquez, shared the ring with him many times.

Pacquiao pretty much impressed everyone across the board last night and Bradley was no different.

Speaking after the fight, he said:

“Too fast, too much experience. A dominant force still at the age of 39. It needs to be respected, Manny Pacquiao. I had it by stoppage as well.”

He touched on how the left uppercut was key for Pacquiao:

“Matthysse shot straight up the middle because Matthysse would lean forward every time Manny Pacquiao would get close to him. He’d give him that shot straight up the middle. Pacquiao does what Pacquiao does. He started coming in behind the jab. The jab sets the table and Pacquiao cleaned him up with the left uppercut as Matthysse leaned forward (at the end of the fight).”

On the Manny Pacquiao punching power:

“Oh I know. I know about it (laughs). Manny Pacquiao is still a big name in the sport of boxing.”

Last night was the first time Manny Pacquiao had knocked someone out since Miguel Cotto all the way back in 2009.