Adrien Broner Reportedly Beaten Up By Rapper In Strip Club

Adrien Broner Roasts Eddie Hearn, Defends Al Haymon

Troubled boxer Adrien Broner has been reported to have allegedly landed himself in a spot of bother once again outside the ring.

Recently Broner announced that he had signed a new promotional deal with Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweather Promotions worth $50 million.

According to Broner is was a five fight deal.

It was only reported by Broner himself however and Floyd Mayweather, to the best of this writer’s knowledge at least, has yet to confirm it.

At any rate, if it was the case, it has now been reported that he’s taken another step back outside the ring this weekend.

Raging Babe on Twitter (hat tip) has shared the following that is now also starting to spread on Instagram:

It’s not the first time Broner has been involved in an altercation outside the ring but this does seem fairly bizarre.

Even by previous instances.

Presumably, if true, you’d have to think Broner was highly intoxicated for a rapper to be able to drag him through a strip club.

Broner has had a number of issues in recent years outside the ring that have landed him in trouble with the law at different times.

If Floyd Mayweather has in fact signed him to his promotional company, you can’t imagine he’ll be happy with this latest alleged outside the ring issue.