Unexpected Obstacle Eddie Hearn May Be Experiencing In Signing US Fighters

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn next month will take part in a launch party in the US with his new streaming partner the Perform Group of which Hearn will promote boxing content on their DAZN platform later this year in the US. However, with a few weeks to go there has not been much news of signings so far.

Obviously with a war chest of a billion dollars under the new DAZN boxing streaming deal in the US reported to be spread out over seven years, Hearn will definitely be able to sign some talent in the coming weeks but possibly not the talent he wants.

Or that he thought he’d be able to starting out.

He may have been thinking to himself with simply putting the billion dollar figure out there that he’s be able to snap up much of the top talent in the US boxing market.

But it may not be that easy.

Many of the top fighters are already signed to promoters and fight on platforms like ESPN, Fox, Showtime and HBO but one other factor is that many of the Al Haymon managed and advised fighters are likely going to be against signing with a promoter in the first place anyway.

Some of them will view their respective TV networks Showtime and HBO as their promoters and could see taking on a promoter as just another person taking cash out of their pockets.

Particularly in the Conor McGregor type era pro sports are now in where fighters can (often times) self-promote themselves on social media anyway.

It is thought that July 4th is the day Hearn and DAZN will be making their US launch at an event most likely in New York.

Lets see what happens over the coming weeks until then.

Either way, the more money in boxing and new things tried like this can only be a positive thing.

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