GGG Promoter Explains Why Pressure Is On Canelo In Rematch With More Strict Testing

Gennady Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler is confident in his man ahead of the mega rematch with Canelo next September and is putting the pressure on Canelo with mind games already.

The fight was signed at long last during the week.

After much back and forth, the two teams struck a last-minute deal that will see the rematch take place in Las Vegas this September.

Since the first fight, Canelo, as most boxing fans know, tested positive for an illegal substance earlier this year before the previously proposed rematch date last May.

At this time he is serving out a six month suspension as a consequence.

Speaking to SiriusXM Boxing Radio, Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler said there will be a lot of pressure on Canelo second time around:

“The challenge is on Canelo to prove with all the controversy with the positive test, the suspension and with the first fight, the burden is on Canelo to prove that he can fight the same way now that the testing is starting all the way through.”

He added:

“Canelo has to prove now that he can fight the same way in September. The fans want to see is he going to look the same? You know, some of the photos you see now look completely different from the weigh in (from the first fight) last September.”

The start of the pre-fight media tour is expected in the coming weeks ahead of one of the biggest middleweight showdowns in years.