Golovkin vs Canelo Rematch Confirmed At Last, Boxing Fans Erupt!

For those wanting the Golovkin vs Canelo rematch confirmed your prayers have finally been answered at long, long last.

Promoter of Canelo Alvatez, Oscar De La Hoya, made a last-minute, last-ditch attempt to make the fight in September that appears to have paid off.

Well, it has according to De La Hoya:

In hindsight, this back and forth media stuff really just looks like an attempt to hook fans in to the narrative in the way Mayweather did a few years back for the Pacquiao fight.

Mayweather kept building things up like this, too.

In that, the fight was always going to happen, but it was just played up on social media.

Silly us boxing journalists, and you, and me – the boxing fan.

Done again, eh?

Here’s some of the sentiment bouncing around at the moment: