Watch: Mike Tyson Throws Water At Don King At Ceremony

Years on from their working relationship bitterness still exists from Mike Tyson towards his old promoter Don King.

The two at one time were the most iconic boxing duo in the sport as fighter and promoter.

Under King it was reported that Tyson made hundreds of millions of dollars but also reported and acknowledged by Tyson that much of that money was not allegedly paid to him.

In Tyson’s book he revealed at one point he confronted King during his career about it and proceeded to stomp him out on the concrete in a street fight.

Nothing ever came of it and the two men have not spoke for years.

Over the years whenever King has come up it’s been a chilly response from Mike usually.

This pat on the shoulder prompted Tyson to throw a glass of water at him at the boxing Hall of Fame this past weekend:

Tyson is largely out of boxing these days other than the occasional interview on latest happenings or appearances at these kind of ceremonies.

King is still a promoter in the sport but nowhere near the force he once was – with a very small number of fighters he is now involved with.

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