Watch: Chaotic Crowd Brawl Breaks Out At Tyson Fury Comeback Fight

While the main event might not have had much action in the ring – unfortunately what took place outside the ring did – as a shameful street fight broke out at the Manchester Arena.

Tyson Fury ultimately stopped over matched Sefer Seferi inside the distance as expected but perhaps what will be remembered most is what took place in the crowd.

At one point Fury himself who was taking things easy in the ring actually looked outside to see what was going on.

Well, here’s exactly what was going on:

Woeful scenes indeed with those involved clearly after one too many alcoholic beverages.

Here’s another angle of what went on close up:

It doesn’t happen very often in boxing but when these scenes do occur unfortunately it gives ammunition for the anti-boxing brigade to try to give the sport a black eye.

It’s important to remember though that the actions of the above do not reflect 99% of boxing fans who attend shows and are there to take in the fights and watch them where they actually matter, and count.

In the ring.