Chilling Footage The Moment Before A Boxer Murdered A 27 Year Old Woman

A tragic story has come out of the Taiwan involving a former boxer who took the life of a young woman whom he met on dating app Tinder.

It is very rare that something this dark comes across the desk in the world of boxing, but sadly today it has.

The UK Mirror have reported a boxer by the name of Gary Chu (28) dismembered 27 year old Yee-min Huang after they had originally met on Tinder.

Reports allege that police in Taiwan say the motive involved the young woman lying to Chu about her virginity and that she had also allegedly been seeing other men.

This chilling footage released on YouTube shows the final moments of Hunag’s life as she was led up a stairs by Chu to his apartment before the murder took place:

Chu was reported to have been found a hanged a few days later with a suicide note saying:

“She wronged me.”

Shocking, shocking stuff.

Rest in peace Yee-min Huang.