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What David Haye Told Tony Bellew During Final Face Off

Haye vs Bellew 2 Date

Today was the last time both men will see one another before everything becomes very real tomorrow night – when the first bell rings and heavyweight fists start flying.

Haye and Bellew clearly don’t like one another when it comes down to it.

Despite the playful banter in the build-up when the final face off at the weigh-ins came today in London both men showed their true colors when heated words were exchanged.

Both want to win bad. That much is certain.

But what exactly was said during the final face off at the weigh ins earlier?

Well, promoter of the event Eddie Hearn was on hand with IFL YouTube to reveal the exact conversation:

All the talk is now finally over though.

The moment of truth is upon both men and their respective coaches know that a fast start will be important early doors to establish who is the boss and gets the early momentum.

Bellew shocked the world last time out but seems just as confident this time round of repeating the feat.

Haye knows if he loses tomorrow, realistically, after the years of injuries, that his career at the top level in the heavyweight division would be over.

All to play for, as they say.