50 Cent Loses A Lot Of Money On Adrien Broner Fight

Rapper 50 Cent and former boxing promoter loses a substantial chunk of cash on betting on Adrien Broner to beat Jessie Vargas tonight.

The fight ultimately ended in a majority draw despite both men feeling they clearly won the bout afterwards.

Going into the fight 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) told everyone that he bet on Broner to win.

It wasn’t until a couple of hours before the fight actually started however that he let slip to Fight Hype:

“I bet about 150 (150,000 dollars). It’s a big night. I gotta go with Adrien Broner. He gotta win. Broner gotta win. However he can.”

Hard luck 50 Cent.

It seemed like Broner had more than enough ability to win the fight but just didn’t step on the gas enough to secure enough rounds overall.

Following the fight Vargas’ face was noticeably more beaten up compared to Broner’s.

One suspects that a rematch will be in the making at some point.

Broner has been linked with a fight with Amir Khan later in the year, too, which Khan himself brought up once again after his own fight tonight after stopping Phil Lo Greco in the very first round of their bout in Liverpool.