More Details Emerge Of Crazy Mayweather Shooting Incident

Floyd Mayweather while making a trip to Atlanta recently had one of his security’s vehicles shot at and one of his body guards hit in the leg – while he himself traveled in another other vehicle that was pulling up to a valet.

It is understood that Mayweather’s security guard Greg La Rosa was shot in the leg in the drive by outside of an Atlanta hotel with Mayweather himself left unharmed in another vehicle.

There were three vehicles in total travelling back to a hotel after an outing to a night club and according to reports the attack was not a random one.

However more new details have emerged from TMZ Sports who according to court reports – say there was at least 12 shots fired in total – with 8 bullets striking the car of Mayweather’s body-guard.

The report further goes on to say that no arrests have been made at this time and that Mayweather’s bodyguard is recovering at this point.

Crazy stuff indeed. Get well soon Greg La Rosa.

As for Mayweather, he recently hinted on Showtime that he may return to the combat sports world but only if it is in the UFC.

Not in the boxing ring.

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