Watch: The Moment Dillian Whyte Knocked Lucas Browne Spark Out

Heavyweight contenders Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne threw down this weekend in the UK but it was only one man who was delivering the punishment.

Whyte took another step on the road towards a world title shot with a fight that went out live on television on both sides of the pond.

Going into the bout there was no love lost between the two combatants, but it was Whyte’s superior boxing ability that allowed him to dominate the fight right from the get go.

Whyte was able to deliver a vicious beating on Browne before the end came conclusively in round 6. He almost couldn’t miss with everything he was throwing – busting Browne up right in the very first round.

Browne offered little in the way of defense from what was coming at him and by the 5th round his face was a real mess.

Here is the moment it all came to a halt in round 6:

Chilling, chilling stuff.

Browne laid on the floor motionless for a number of minutes before medics entered the ring and helped revive him with the aid of an oxygen mask.

Whyte now moves on to a potential shot at WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.