Boxing Journalist Dan Rafael Reveals Untold – Behind The Scenes Boxing Stories

Boxing journalist Dan Rafael of ESPN in the US is probably the most read, single boxing journalist in the world at the moment. But it’s been a long career so far – which he highlighted on his 18th anniversary working in boxing with some rather remarkable sweet science tales.

For anyone who works in this business they will tell you that it’s a sport that perhaps creates more engaging story lines and colorful anecdotes¬†than any other.

Mainly because of the diversity and wealth of characters within it.

A nutty, unpredictable, fun business at its core. Like a drug sometimes, an illness almost at others.

In today’s politically correct time boxing is perhaps still one of the purest, most raw and unfiltered sports out there.

In terms of what it takes in the first place to even step into a ring by its brave participants, to the many other almost soap operas if you will – that go on within the wider community of boxing in the background.

Boxing is almost like a world within a world, a microcosim.

This post by Dan Rafael says it all:

Outstanding to be fair.

As the sport is once again coming into a very positive time in the United States and further afield across the globe, no doubt there will be a few more tales like the above to be told over the ensuing years ahead.

(Photo credit: Dan Rafael Facebook)