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Dana White’s Son Wins Amateur Boxing Debut

UFC president White was pictured with his son in t-shirts for his new boxing company which White plans to begin promoting boxing events with in the US in the near future.

Dan White has been linked to boxing a lot in recent times following his public decision to get involved in the sport as a promoter.

His son Aidan had his very first amateur bout this weekend which his father was by his side for throughout:

White has long criticised the way promoters in boxing have taken away from the sport and as he has put it before:

“Sucked the life out of boxing.”

However in recent times given boxing’s return to popularity White has now gotten more and more involved.

As well as still running the UFC in the sport of MMA.

Here he is pictured with his son and former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta after his win this weekend:

(Photo credit: Dana White Twitter)