Cuban Missiles: The Worst Moment Of Deontay Wilder’s Professional Career

Round seven of last weekend’s fight with Cuban challenger Luis Ortiz brought one of the worst onslaughts champion WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder ever had to get through. Some how, some way, he got through it.

While his detractors will never be impressed with Wilder most within the sport at least paid tribute to his power of recoveries last weekend and ability to bounce back from adversity.

It was the first time in an acid test we had seen this in Wilder’s career to date.

Against a dangerous foe whom many believed would out box the champion going into last Saturday night.

It wasn’t Ortiz’ boxing ability more so than his fast hands and determination that gave Wilder problems early on I thought though.

And of course in round seven when he nearly took him out.

Here’s the moment reality sunk in for Wilder when Ortiz hurt him to the sole of his boots:

Quite the barrage and series of combinations to be fair.

Ultimately Wilder got through this and closed the show in round ten – but the above did offer some insight into what Deontay Wilder is made of when the going gets tough.

The question is, if Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury got him in that kind of trouble in the future, would they leave him off the hook?

There’s only one way to find out.