Uzcategui Forces Andre Dirrell To Retire In His Corner

In a rematch that ended in a disqualification last time out (in May of 2017) it was Uzcategui who got the last laugh tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The fight suffered some controversy at the last-minute over confusion to Mexican Uzcategui regarding a last-minute drug test, but the bout was cleared to go ahead after some confusion ringside.

There was a lot of nervous energy from both fighters in round one.

Andre Dirrell showed his early counter punching speed in the first round, Jose Uzcategui the come forward, pressure fighter of the two.

Uzcategui had a more positive second round, intent on shooting in on Dirrell and looking for the openings. Dirrell showed a nice jab towards the end of the round however.

Dirrell looked a little apprehensive in round three, his Mexican counterpart the more confident fighter of the two at this point.

Right at the end of the round Dirrell got hurt to the body and the chin in the corner.

Uzcategui continued this momentum in round four and was the man with the snap on his punches, ducking out-of-the-way of much of Dirrell’s shots coming back.

Slipping and countering with the right hand nicely.

Round five was a little bit more positive for Dirrell but his confidence was not what it was earlier in his career.

Dirrell picked up the action a bit in round 6, finally settling down a tad to his work.

The bout really started to come to life in the seventh. Excellent back and forth action by both men. Close round to score.

Uzcategui managed to get Dirrell into a toe to toe battle at times and put Dirrell under heavy fire in round 8.

Dirrell’s corner looked as though they were going to pull their man out at the end of round 8.

Dirrell did not come out for round 9 that gave Uzcategui a deserved win, as confusion existed in Dirrell’s corner over whose decision it was to pull Dirrell out of the fight.

It looked as though Dirrell just didn’t want to come out for round 9.

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