Golovkin Speaks On Canelo Power, Feels He Won Easy The First Time

Gennady Golovkin speaks on Canelo punching power as he gets underway in the first week of his training camp ahead of the rematch on May 5th.

It was confirmed last week that the rematch between Golovkin and Alvarez will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on May 5th.

Accordingly, Golovkin began the first week of his training camp last week up in Big Bear, California.

Golovkin has been largely humble since the controversial score in the first fight back in September.

Like a man biding his time.

Remaining patient and waiting for his moment to strike on May 5th.

At various points in the first contest between the middleweight stars last time out Canelo landed some crisp, clean punches.

Blows that seemed to have no effect on Golovkin at all however.

Speaking to Kevin Iole on YouTube, Golovkin touched on these punches by saying:

“No I don’t feel (they were the most powerful I’ve taken). It was just like everybody. Punch and punches. Not because I have great chin. His punches (are) more speed, not more power. I feel its (his power) okay. For me – not crazy. I don’t feel crazy power or something (from Canelo).”

On the decision been scored a draw back in September – Golovkin added:

“I feel very comfortable. Machine (computer scorecard) showed my punches. HBO people said you win like maybe 4-8 rounds (in my favour). I feel very comfortable. Maybe the last two rounds were very close. Canelo had more activity. This is first fight. Right now (the rematch) it is more serious.”

Ominous words from the middleweight number one. A man often quoted with short but to the point sentences like:

“I promise big drama show.”

The two certainly delivered that in the first fight – but one senses the rematch could be even more action-filled on May 5th.