Marcos Maidana Pictured In Full Flow Since Retirement From Boxing

Marcos Maidana was pictured in a photo going viral in the boxing world at the moment. A shot that seems to have resonated with fight fans around the world.

The picture above is doing the rounds on the various social media pages and websites in boxing at the moment.

It’s not the first of its type of the Argentina boxing legend deservedly enjoying the fruits of his hard labour.

A boxing career that brought fans plenty of satisfaction over the years.

He’s been seen over the last year or so in different pictures with cigars, champagne, using guns and other macho- style snaps.

His lack of giving a s*** seems to be winning over more and more fans – and he was pretty popular in his career to begin with.

Maidana gave fans plenty of value for money during his career and is still doing it today with his social media exploits.

Maidana’s two biggest fights came against Floyd Mayweather where he earned life changing money that he is now clearly enjoying.

The first fight between the two was debated by many as been one of the toughest bouts of Mayweather’s entire career.

Maidana made it a rough and tough encounter that Mayweather did not enjoy one bit during their bouts:

Maidana also shared the ring with a whole host of other well-known boxers including the likes of Erik Morales, Adrien Broner and Amir Khan.

He retired from the sport of boxing with a professional record of 35-5-0-31KO.

With his new-found viral ability to still capture the boxing world’s attention, this writer wonders if he could not transfer over some of those skills and personality in the promotion world.

Or even managerial world.

Imagine having Maidana as your promoter or manager. Not many would mess with a fighter with his backing one suspects.