Groves vs Eubank Jr Tale Of The Tape – The Key Stats

Ahead of this weekend’s big fight as per tradition in boxing, lets take a look at the Groves vs Eubank Jr tale of the tape and see how both fighters shape up.

Their conditioning and weight will be revealed later today at approximately 4pm local time in Manchester at the weigh ins.

But before that, there are a number of things to consider – which the guys at the WBSS have pointed out:

As you can see things are very even in terms of height and reach. Almost identical in fact.

Both have a big punch too as they knockout ratios convey. Both are similar in age and have a similar and again, almost identical number of professional bouts.

Perhaps it is what the above does not show that is more telling however.

Groves has mixed at a higher level in his career to date. He’s also the natural super-middleweight of the two.

At the same time, Eubank Jr is the quicker man of the two and the boxer who has more stamina as well.

These are the key variables in the equation to consider going into the bout in my mind.

But while stats, past experience and fights are good things to go on, they can never tell everything of course.

The intangible elements of this puzzle most also be factored in.

Who wants it more, who performs and turns up on the night will be just as crucial to this elite level sweet science battle.

So many questions going into the weekend make it a great fight. A really great fight to be fair.