Roy Jones Speaks On Who He Thought Won GGG vs Canelo

Roy Jones Speaks

Roy Jones is currently readying himself for the last fight of his career this week and has been on the press tour speaking about different topics in boxing – including Golovkin vs Canelo.

The rematch between the two will take place this May with a venue and location to be officially confirmed.

The first fight took place in Las Vegas last September and one of the judges that night caused world controversy when the fight was awarded a draw.

Speaking to Jim Norton on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Jones said on the fight:

“First of all it never was bad for boxing (the judging) because when you look at it, it was wonderful, magnificent fight so that can never mess up boxing. Now a person’s opinion (the judge in question) does not mess up a really good night unless you allow it to mess up a really good night because that was beautiful fight fought between two top-level professional athletes who really went out and did way better than anybody expected them to do. We expected Canelo to be the boxer guy who moved on box, he wasn’t – he was the brawler. We expected GGG to be the brawler and come in and take Canelo out. He wasn’t. He had transformed into the boxer.”

On who he thought won:

“I think “GGG” should have won the fight by about one or two rounds. But I was glad they called it a draw because as a boxing fan – true boxing fans want to see a clear-cut winner.”

Jones has his final fight in the ring this Thursday night in his home State of Florida and the bout will be shown live on UFC fight pass.

Even though it’s a boxing match.