Ricky Hatton Worried About Friend Tyson Fury’s Comeback

Ricky Hatton knows a thing or two about losing weight as a professional boxer and has expressed concerns about Tyson Fury’s upcoming return to the sport of boxing.

It will have been over two and a half years since Fury boxed by the time he fights again – as expected he will next April.

In that time he’s had a lot of issues and partying and as a professional athlete, some are wondering if the damage he’s done is irreversible.

Indeed his good friend Ricky Hatton shares similar concerns. Speaking on Talk Sport Radio, Hatton said:

“When I made my comeback I had four years out, put on a load of weight and had a lot of traumatic times if you like, but then when I did comeback what I was doing in the gym I could not transform it into the ring. I think in the five years I had done a little too much damage.”

He continued:

“I hope Tyson has not done a lot of damage in the years that he’s had off. By the time he gets in the ring he would have shifted seven stone. That’s a lot of weight to shift and still feel like you could perform a few years ago. But he’s spent a month in my gym, training and shifting weight. He looked absolutely sensational to be honest with you and he’s got such self belief in himself there’s every chance he could come back bigger and better.”

He concluded:

“But as his friend, to be the killjoy of the things, I just wonder how much damage has he already done because shifting seven stone is hard. I couldn’t even beat him on that one! But fingers crossed for him.”

There’s a bit of a difference in Hatton and Fury’s career however.

Fury’s break was not as long and his comeback is as a much younger man.

Moreover, he’s also a heavyweight and Hatton was a junior welterweight. The school of thought is heavyweights mature later as fighters than any other weight class.

Time will tell of course.

(Photo credit: Ricky Hatton Twitter)