Tyson Fury Offers Shannon Briggs Fight – Briggs Trolls Him

Tyson Fury Offers Shannon Briggs

In what could be one of the most entertaining build-ups to a heavyweight bout in recent memory, serious talks are now underway to stage a fight between Tyson Fury and Shannon Briggs.

Just imagine the press conference announcing this fight, dear Lord.

As a bout itself too it would be an interesting clash of styles, with the longer, slicker boxer-type of Fury against the puncher of Shannon Briggs who despite his advanced years, still carries genuine knockout power at heavyweight.

The boxing world has been in overdrive since Fury took to social media to tell Briggs:

“This is a message to Shannon The Cannon Briggs. First of all Lets Go Champ. Second of all, I’m going to send you a contract, get you signed up good and proper so you know you have something to get ready for.”

He concluded:

“A contract is coming your way from me. Lets Go Champ!”

Fury is aiming for an April return to the sport which will by that point have seen him out of the ring for two and a half years, making Briggs the much more active fighter of the two.

Briggs today has had the following message on his social media platforms:


Expect this to get even nuttier over the weeks and months ahead.