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Home » Video Emerges Of Mike Tyson Training His Son – Chip Off The Old Block

Video Emerges Of Mike Tyson Training His Son – Chip Off The Old Block

“Iron” Mike Tyson at one time was considered to be one of the most ferocious fighters on the face of the Earth after becoming still to this day, the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

Mike has been back in the news recently after current WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder said that he would beat Tyson if he fought him back in his prime, around 1986 when he was on a mad tear through the heavyweight landscape.

The blow back against Wilder has been considerable with fighters from the past like Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno even coming out dismissing the comparison as premature at this stage of his career.

Well, Mike himself has not been paying too much attention. He’s been too busy training his son to perhaps become the next knockout artist of the Tyson family.

This clip shows some of the traits from his father are certainly there:

No doubt that will get people very excited, and rightly so.

Just imagine if he even carried one per cent of the ability of his father’s fight game into a boxing ring – that in itself would get people interested from the link to his father’s name alone.

And he wouldn’t exactly be short a good trainer or adviser on the boxing business, of course.