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Chris Eubank Senior Bats Back Abuse From Boxing Community

Chris Eubank senior, love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s one of boxing’s real characters with a well, unique personality and way about going about things.

That’s what makes him of course.

By definition as human beings we’re all unique in our own ways biologically. All with our own distinct traits that make us who we are, at our inner cores. The real us.

But every once in a while some really different people come along. Characters that transcend their professions or areas of interest in their particular lives and are just more interesting than the average man or woman.

Chris Eubank senior perhaps falls into this bracket in the boxing world. It’s hard to describe him really. His actions and words do that much better for him.

Today he’s been on Twitter for the first time in a while.

An always interesting time when he gets on the platform.

Here’s some of the abuse he’s been taking on today and batting back, beautifully:

You’ve got to respect the vocabulary and ability to remain cool under scrutiny, if nothing else!

His son Chris Eubank Jr returns to work later next month in a highly anticipated showdown with George Groves in a clash of the titans in the United Kingdom.