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The American boxing maestro shocked many with the decision to hang up the gloves last year considering he wasn’t very old and had not taken much damage in the sport either.

Defensively Ward always knew how to look after himself as an amateur and pro. You’d be hard pressed to think of many fights where he was really pushed and made to dig deep.

Of course his two wins over Sergey Kovalev will forever be associated with controversy in the eyes of some fans.

Ward nonetheless seemed content in his decision to pack in boxing last year. Citing new challenges in business as his primary focus moving forward, it seemed at the time anyway.

Recently however he was linked with a comeback to heavyweight of all things, oddly enough, which he didn’t exactly flat-out deny either straight away.

But you’d have to think even as good as he is, that the sheer mass of the likes of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder would just be too much for him.

Ward retired with money in the bank and all his faculties intact but still to this day, many were baffled by the decision to call it quits so early.

Speaking to the guys at Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) Ward has now opened up on all the reasons on why he retired:

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