Roy Jones Final Fight Of His Career Gets An Unusual Platform

The final chapter of the legendary boxer’s career has now been confirmed but it might make one or two eyebrows raised in boxing circles.

The multi-weight world champion recently confirmed that his next fight will be on Feb 8th but all details other than that were not totally clear at this point.

Until now.

It appears Dana White of the UFC who plans on getting into boxing promotion this year will be working with Jones as one of his first boxers that he’s promoting.

Jones’ boxing fight will be carried live on UFC Fight Pass as per the following statement from the UFC:

A very interesting play and one that could work out well for both parties.

Jones already being an established name in boxing over the years will allow the UFC to at least start off with a name in their boxing promotion adventure, and Jones will be able to enjoy the gigantic infrastructure the company has for distribution and promotion ahead of the bout in a couple of weeks time.

Jones also currently works as a commentator for the HBO network at this time.