Watch: Spence vs Peterson Weigh In Live Stream From New York

The Spence vs Peterson weigh in will take place later today ahead of their pair’s showdown at the Barclays Center tomorrow night for the IBF welterweight championship of the world.

Talk has been respectful all the way in to this weekend’s bout, as expected really, with neither guy one to engage in the like of it in their careers.

Two guys who are now at very different stages in their careers.

Peterson the more experienced of the two, has fought his way back to a world title shot after a disappointing few years in years gone by.

Spence the new young lion in the sport, is intent on building a legacy over the coming years which so far he has not put a wrong foot in to be fair.

Peterson is up for this one though, big time, and looks in career best condition. If Spence even underestimates him one per cent that could be enough to give him a very rude wakening.

But he won’t.

I don’t see Peterson having the all round fight game to deal with what’s going to be in front of him tomorrow night but he’s a strong warrior, he’ll give it everything for as long as he’s in there.

The two will meet later today in the weigh in and it has been made free for the public courtesy of the folks at Showtime here (hat tip):