Parker’s Promoter Rips Anthony Joshua – Explains Why He’s Squirming

The mental warfare is well and truly underway by the promoters of Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker with the latter today really having a go at Anthony Joshua as a person.

Is Anthony Joshua tough? Well, you don’t become world champion without being. Clearly.

Not the case according to Joseph Parker’s promoter David Higgins however – who had the following today to say about Joshua live on Sky Sports News:

“Joseph has never been dropped that’s a fact. We offered £20,000 to anyone who could prove if Joseph has been dropped as an amateur or pro. Nothing. Joshua has actually been flattened about a half a dozen times. Probably more. When we said that Joshua starting saying bizarre things.”

He added:

“He showed delusions of grandeur – I want to be like Roger Federer. Federer has had 15 years at the top! It’s too early Anthony to compare yourself to Roger Federer. Unify first. Then there was – I’m the King of Dubai. What the hell was that? Are Dubai paying him money to promote the place? Obviously.”

Joshua has also said today that he will not shake Parker’s hand before the contest.

Higgins continued on Twitter that he fully believes the British fighter is rattled to the core:

Expect plenty more of this over the coming weeks and months ahead.