Fans React To News That Golovkin Canelo Rematch Has Been Agreed

News of the Golovkin Canelo rematch’s main terms being agreed has broken and boxing fans are already chomping at the bit for what could be one of the best fights in 2018.

The main terms have the deal have now been hashed out with just the venue of the fight remaining, amongst other minor points.

But now that the deal has essentially been agreed upon boxing fans are absolutely buzzing about it.

And why wouldn’t they?

This is one of those fights that fans would watch ten times over and still not get bored. Golovkin and Canelo’s meshing of fight styles last time out in September testament to that.

Gennady Golovkin has gotten a little bit older since then, as has Canelo of course, but there is a school of thought out there that suggests that the much younger Canelo might now be catching Golovkin slightly out of his prime in the rematch.

The first fight ended in controversy with many feeling Golovkin won the bout in what was ultimately scored a draw in the end.

So you’d expect Golovkin will come into this fight in incredible shape. Determined to make sure that there can be no doubt this time around.

Canelo while choosing to engage Golovkin in spurts in the first fight showed of the two perhaps more caution. Knowing that getting caught by any of Golovkin’s big bombs could end everything with one shot.

Now that the deal for the rematch has been agreed, here’s a taste of that the word on the boxing street is:

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