Errol Spence Points Out Something To Mayweather He Might Be Forgetting

Errol Spence points out one or two things to Floyd Mayweather who recently told fighters that they need to speak up and that they need more of a “voice.”

While Mayweather might have a point in some regards, it’s also important to consider that not every fighter is a trash talker nor needs to be one to successful.

Sure, it does help sell a fight, but some can do it with their ability alone, Gennady Golovkin for example.

Speaking to a group of journalists ahead of his bout later this month on January 20th with Lamont Peterson:

“Floyd, it took him time to get to that level that he is now. It took him what, to get to the level where you’re making $50 million – about 18 years. Something like that. It took him time to get to that level man.”

He went on to say:

“We got the same manager and adviser (Al Haymon) that took him to where is now. If he helped took him to where he at he didn’t too it by himself. He’ll (Haymon) take me to the same place.”

People do seem to forget just how long it took Mayweather to get where he is today.

Literally a life time of work of boxing out of the crib as a toddler to his thirties before he started earning crazy money and becoming the man known as “Money” Mayweather.

Spence strikes me as a very different personality mind you.

But that doesn’t mean he lacks the ability to make his own mark in the sport, not trying to be Floyd Mayweather like man seem to, instead – being his own man and going his own, original, more interesting path.