Imagine The Heavyweights In The World Boxing Super Series Tournament

It might be a bit too much to ask but with the way everything is lining up in boxing now, imagine what having the best heavyweights in the world in a knockout-style competition could do for boxing.

First off, you’d need a shed, sorry, truck load of prize money to conjure up such utter noble art madness in the first place.

The World Boxing Super Series has proven so far in its short history that is still ongoing – that boxing fans enjoy the round-robin format when it is done right.

The concept at its core being the best fighting the best. No one can argue with that concept in combat sports period.

While all the best super-middleweights you could argue are not all present in the tournament, they’ve done a pretty good job nonetheless.

Certainly in the cruiserweight division this year where most of the weight class elite are present.

But imagine, just for a second, of taking that idea a step further to put the best eight heavyweight boxers in the world (including the four recognised champions) into the same type of scenario.

It would be so extreme, so appetizing for fight fans, it’s almost hard to visualise it.

Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Joseph Parker and four others all forced to fight one another over 12-18 months to establish who really is the best heavyweight in the world.

Call me a dreamer, but hey, if Mayweather vs McGregor happened last year and Donald Trump is the President of America, anything can happen in 2018.