Keith Thurman Explains Who He Thinks Wins Joshua vs Wilder

The new year has only just started and already heavyweight boxing is the talk of the boxing world as eager fight fans hope for the mega fights this year.

One of those mega fights is of course Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder, who’s respective handlers met in late 2017 to discuss the fight this year.

All signs are that talks went well and have had positive results so far, but with the view to the fight taking place later in 2018 provided both men win their upcoming contests.

Even fighters are talking about the fight, which puts things into perspective about how much people want to see these two boxing guys go at it.

One such fighter is welterweight champion Keith Thurman who told Fight Hub TV that:

”I don’t think Deontay has ever been inside the ring with someone as big and strong, and has the capacity to punch the way Joshua can produce. I do favor Deontay. I lean towards Deontay because Joshua is a little green. I saw a lot of flaws in the Klitschko fight. I think Klitschko could have won if he was a little younger.”

Interesting take from Thurman. Not too surprising in that he’s backing his fellow American but he makes some solid points too.

Wilder has had significantly more pro fights than Joshua and in the grand scheme of things both of them are really a work in progress, when you look at both their amateur and professional careers on the whole.

Styles make fights however and it will be interesting to see if Joshua can cope with the wild swinging bombs from Wilder that have taken fighters off guard up to this point.

Joshua you’d have to say is the more technically sound of the two though.

It’s hard to compare punching power as both hit with such venom. One thing is for sure, it won’t go the distance.