Andre Ward Trolls Kovalev – Animosity Clearly Still There Judging By This

Andre Ward Trolls Kovalev

Andre Ward trolls Kovalev on social media despite the fact the American has now retired from the sport of boxing and beat Kovalev on the two occasions they fought.

Both fights while not doing anywhere near the pay per view numbers or hype that a fight of that stature in boxing should have, somehow managed to create a fair bit of controversy at the time, for different reasons.

So much so that you only have to log on to any social media platform and see Ward and Kovalev fans still passionately debating (to put it mildly) both contests, and then some.

Well, it would appear that one Andre Ward still keeps an eye on his old rival’s happenings in boxing.

He’s since deleted these comments on Instagram, but not quick enough before the lads from Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) could screen grab them – take a look:

Well, well, well.

Although Ward stated he is clearly retired one can’t help but think with the limited amount of damage he took in boxing, his unbeaten career and the fact he is still a relatively young man, that temptations for one more fight could present themselves over the coming years.

After all, how many boxers have retired and un-retired in the past? We don’t have to go back very far to answer that.

Then again, maybe he’ll follow in the footsteps of the likes of Lennox Lewis and Joe Calazaghe, top professional fighters who got out at the right time – and fair play to him if he does.