Paul Smith Shuts Down Twitter Feminist – Wins The Internet For The Day

Ex-boxer and now Sky comentator Paul Smith shut down a Twitter feminist online and the boxing world has well, reacted big time.

Twitter is often a place of controversy where often times anything goes.

Politics, debates, you name it. People use Twitter as probably the number one vehicle online to vent opinions on current affairs and news debates.

Feminism extremists have been in the news quiet a bit recently. Particularly in the often overly politically correct world we now find ourselves living in.

Add to that everything else that is going on in the world and you regularly get heated debates on the platform.

It’s rare though when the boxing world or a prominent figure in boxing gets dragged into these type of wider society debates, but that’s what Liverpool’s Paul Smith has done with a response that many have supported him on and think he is spot on with.

Here’s how the dialogue has gone:

To which the Liverpool man replied:

Within two hours Smith has garnered already a staggering 3000 plus “likes” on Twitter in one of the most comprehensive shut downs of a Twitter feminist in recent times.

Here’s some of the support that has been coming in for him from fight fans worldwide: