George Foreman Takes Tyson Fury Down A Peg When Asked About Him

George Foreman the legendary American boxer when asked about Tyson Fury provided a short but deep cutting response about the boxer.

Fury is in the news a lot at the moment following his UKAD hearing going successfully earlier this month which leaves him open for a return to boxing in 2018.

Both Fury and current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s names continued to be linked with one another as speculation mounts ahead of a potential fight.

George Foreman mind you, has never even heard of Fury – when asked about him this Christmas as per The Sun:

“Sorry. I don’t know anything about that nor the fighter.”

Short and sweet from Foreman. But equally devastating to Fury.

Fury is certainly a well-known name in the UK and with hardcore boxing fans around the world, but it would appear he has a bit of catching up to do in terms of building his profile in the US as compared to Joshua.

Time is on his side though in the grand scheme of things.

Both Joshua and Fury are still relatively young in terms of heavyweights who often don’t develop until their early to mid thirties even in some cases – as Lennox Lewis’ career showed for example.

Before we go, lets take a look back at the savage, brutal career of George Foreman, one of the hardest hitting men to ever walk the Earth: