Amir Khan Confirms Next Fight Location – Responds To Saunders Reports

Boxer Amir Khan confirms next fight location and responds to reports of him facing middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders.

Khan will be celebrating this year’s holidays no doubt after what was a horrid start to the year turned into a positive ending to the year with the reconciliation with his wife.

He’s back in the UK now after a popular stint on a reality TV show that saw his fan base grow even further.

Say what you will about Khan, but out of the top boxers in the world he’s up there for one of the biggest Twitter accounts alone – now with a whopping 2.3 million fans on the platform.

Speaking of Twitter, Khan took to it to conduct a question and answers session with fans which revealed some interesting information on who he’s looking to fight in 2018, and where his next fight will be.

He’s planning three fights next year for:

He has not interest in a Billy Joe Saunders middleweight showdown:


And finally, his next fight will see him box at home for the first time in a while:

Some interesting stuff there but what will be interesting is to see when his comeback opponent will be announced and specifically, who against.

With it being planned for March you’d expect to hear news in early January.

It is not likely to be a big name though – given the length of time Khan has been out of the ring in reality – as Khan will have not fought in nearly two years by the time he’s back in the ring.