Nigel Benn Responds To Eubank Sr Advice For His Son – Fans Supportive

Nigel Benn responds to Eubank Sr’s advice for his son on Twitter which caused a lot of controversy in the boxing worlds.

Chris Eubank Sr and Nigel Benn shared the ring in thrilling fights back in the day – but now it’s their two sons who have the spot light of the boxing world, Chris Eubank Sr and Nigel Benn.

Eubank Jr is much further along in his career to this point having had many more fights and more experience to date, but Benn despite still being a novice pro has shown excellent promise and last week was involved in a genuine fight of the year contender.

A fight that left him bloodied and bruised afterwards and one that Chris Eubank Sr thought was unnecessary:

Conor himself was not pleased that Eubank mentioned the above in public, rather preferring him to reach out privately.

Now his father and long time rival of Eubank Sr, Nigel Benn, has responded on social media to what Eubank’s advice was for his son:

Many fight fans seem to be in agreement with his sentiment: