Keith Thurman Torn On Joshua vs Wilder Fight

If a Joshua vs Wilder fight happens in 2018 world welterweight champion Keith Thurman is not convinced he knows is it best just yet for either man.

But when is the right time to make a big fight?

While promoters may want to build a fight more for the public to anticipate over, time has shown in the past that if you wait too long a fighter can lose and the course of a possible bout can be thrown off from ever happening in the first place.

There’s nothing worst than fights never happening that people wanted to see, the ultimate “What could have been?” question.

Speaking to Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) Keith “One Time” Thurman broke down his thoughts on the fight:

What a fight it would be though – in 2018.

Two absolutely monster-punchers who say what you will about them, are typically involved in exciting fights that more often than not (pretty much all the time) end in a knockout.

From Keith Thurman’s boxing career’s perspective, a big 2018 awaits him too.

After a memorable year for him having first beaten rival Danny Garcia and then getting married later in the year, 2018 promises to be a big one if notable fights can be made.

Namely against the likes of Errol Spence, Shawn Porter or perhaps Terence Crawford can get made at some point.