Dana White Reacts Genuinely To Talk Of Mayweather Fighting In The UFC

UFC president Dana White reacts genuinely to a combat sports media storm involving Floyd Mayweather going to the UFC to fight in MMA rules.

On first inspection, it appeared that this was total nonsensical garbage.

But then, after respected commentator Joe Rogan went on the record to say Dana White of the UFC said that they are very seriously talking to Floyd Mayweather coming to MMA, things got a little bit more interesting.

Now that interest has just gone up a new notch.

Speaking to ESPN, White said:

“It’s very real. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather was real.”

Here’s exactly the conversation with the ESPN journalist about this bizarre but fascinating turn of events:

Surely in MMA rules Mayweather would get absolutely nuked, killed, just like McGregor did in the end in boxing rules when Mayweather decided to turn it on in their fight.

Logic and the fight business seldom go hand in hand but this could be up there for one of the most far-fetched ideas ever.

One would have to think if Mayweather did fight in the UFC they’d give him an opponent who isn’t very good at taking people down to the ground.

More of a standard up fighter to give “Money” some sort of chance, at least.