Floyd Mayweather Explains Pound For Pound Rankings Since He Retired

Floyd Mayweather explains pound for pound who he thinks is the best fighter in the world now that he is retired from the sport of boxing.

Mayweather sat on top of the pound for pound rankings at different periods in his career depending on who you talk to.

Given the fact Mayweather stepped away from the sport at different times during his career.

But say what you will about him, most agree Floyd Mayweather was the best fighter of his particular era in boxing.

He claims he’s the best of all time. Obviously, some would disagree with him in that argument no doubt.

Now that he’s gone fighters like Vasyl Lomachenko, Terence Crawford, Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence lead the charge at the moment in the pound for pound rankings.

Mayweather despite now being retired is clearly still a fan of the sport, keeping an eye on all the top talent out there today and why wouldn’t he?

No doubt he’s looking to scoop some of them for his promotional company Mayweather Promotions.

Speaking to Fight Hype YouTube Mayweather explains who he believes is the number one fighter in the world today and why:

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