David Lemieux Makes Crazy Death Threat To Billy Joe Saunders

David Lemieux might have taken pre-fight verbal sparring a step too far ahead of this weekend’s world middleweight title showdown.

Boxing is among the most brutal sports out there where very rarely but sadly, injuries and life ending wounds have occurred in the past.

Boxing over the last decade has done remarkably well however in terms of improving the health and safety standards internationally for boxers around the world.

But even with all the science and knowledge available to us today in 2017, unfortunately accidents do sometimes (although very rarely) happen.

David Lemieux therefore might have gone a bit too far in selling this weekend’s WBO middleweight title fight against Billy Joe Saunders when he mentioned on social media recently that said after the fight Saunders will be a:

“Dead man.”

Boxing, a sport in and out of the ring that is known by those in it to essentially have no limits, sometimes still surely with comments over steps the mark.

Then again, it’s probably hard for boxing as a sport to take the high moral ground, as there probably isn’t any.

When essentially trash talk and pre-fight hype has always been involved in  prize fighting.

It is entertainment at the end of the day, but sometimes, certain types of entertainment goes too far when this type of morbid language is used, which is not really needed to be honest.

Lets hope for an exciting bout this weekend with no permanent or otherwise related injuries sustained to these two brave warriors who are preparing to put on what should be a heck of a show for us, the public.

Photo credit: Vincent Ethier / Eye of the Tiger Management