Lomachenko Points Out Embarrassing Tweet Rigondeaux Sent Before Their Fight

Vasyl Lomachenko points back to something his rival said about two months before their fight this past weekend in New York.

The dust has well and truly settled on their fight last weekend now, with many in agreement that Lomachenko after beating Rigondeaux into submission is now the best pound for pound boxer in the world today.

His fight with Rigondeaux didn’t live up to the hype in the end and was an easy win for the Ukraine boxing sensation, but that hasn’t stopped him taking a subtle dig at his vanquished foe now that their bout is said and done.

A little under two months ago the Cuban boxer said the following on Twitter – which Lomachenko has highlighted after their fight by re-tweeting it:

The jibe from Lomachenko in that Rigondeaux did quit in their fight last weekend, refusing to come out for the seventh round due to an injury to his left hand.

Fighters and pundits alike have been highly critical of Rigondeaux but as of yet the Cuban hasn’t said anything official just yet about the severity of the injury since last weekend’s bout.