Watch: The Pulverising Moment Heavyweight Powerhouse Daniel Dubois Went 6-0

Powerhouse Daniel Dubois extended his unbeaten knockout record again this weekend as he continues to strike fear in the heavyweight division.

Still very inexperienced as a boxer, both amateur and pro, that in itself almost shines through at the moment in the primal, raw nature of power that he’s displayed thus far in his professional tenure.

A real demolition merchant, genuinely intent on destroying the other man opposite the ring of him.

Early comparisons have been likened to his fellow UK heavyweight Anthony Joshua due to their similar powerful physiques and fight styles, but those are obviously premature just yet.

But my word, he’s really motoring at the moment with nothing or no one in his sight looking like they’ll put in a dent in his tank-like destruction of domestic opponents this far.

The folks at BoxNation Twitter (hat tip) captured his most recent obliteration last night right here:

A 20-year-old heavyweight monster is right. A phenom of a puncher.

That straight, short right hand over the shoulder was textbook in both its initiation from a distance and timing standpoint, and its delivery and follow through on the tip of his opponent’s chin.

Carnage in the ring last night. Watch out for this young man as he continues to blitz through opposition.