Promoter Admits Contact Was Made By Pacquiao To McGregor Camp

Hall of Fame boxing promoter Bob Arum conceded this weekend that communication by Pacquiao to McGregor for a fight did in fact happen.

It seems like a farcical boxing match to make really.

Sure, Mayweather vs McGregor was an event last August, but this just seems way too out there with nowhere near as as much interest.

Unlike Mayweather, Pacquaio one would suspect won’t carry McGregor either. He’ll simply just go through him inside the first round.

Speaking after Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux this weekend in New York, Bob Arum told the press that:

“Is it true that Pacquoiao reached out for McGregor? Ye -s but it’s old news (two months ago).”

Arum mentioned that Pacquiao’s camp heard nothing back. He continued:

“I would do it for Manny but for me, if I promoted that fight, I would tell everybody up front – guess what? It’s not a f***** fight. If you want a spectacle you can watch it. But one thing I can be sure of is that Manny wouldn’t carry McGregor like the other guy did.”

According to bookmakers McGregor isn’t as big an underdog in a boxing match with Pacquiao as you might think, but even still, this seems like it’s reaching a bit. In fairness.

Pacquiao surrendered his WBO welterweight title to Jeff Horn earlier this year so perhaps he’s looking for just one more big fight before he retires from the sport in 2018.